New Delhi, 14 August(NNS): During the previous week, the sale of superior quality poppyseeds showed heavy uptrend due to the week arrivals of inferior quality stock, due to which, the traders or coating of the prices by Rs.200/225 per kilogram. The reality is that the traders were doing monopoly during the previous days and now, there is no panic situation in the markets, but the import prices reported to be high owing to the higher prices in the international markets, due to this reason, the market showed heavy uptrend. On the other hand., the old desi stock gets affected because of the trade of Matai and kuki as 90 percent of the crop is of Desi quality, due to which, the market may show heavy uptrend. However, the adulterated stock has also being selling out rapidly in the markets according to the percent and the stock of Neemach line also fulfilling the demand of Bengal, Odisha and Bihar. It is expected that the market me so heavy uptrend on seeing the shortage of the stock.

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