New Delhi, 23 October: The nominal amount of small cardamom has been started arriving in Guatemala and there, the quality of the crop seems good and the further uptrend and downtrend in the prices depends on the arrivals and the quality in the temples. Presently, here, its prices slipped by Rs 25/50 to Rs 1500/2500 per kilogram because of the weak demand. The arrivals reported to be increase by 5 percent at the auction centres during the last 5 to 7 days, due to which, its prices declined by Rs 25/50 per kilogram during the previous two days. Apart from this, there is a lack of demand in the markets and it is expected that the trade will not be favourable during the coming days on seeing the unfavourable weather conditions, in this situation, the new crop have reported to be arrived before three months and its new stock has been started arriving in Guatemala. On seeing this, the prices may not show more uptrend during the near future.

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