New Delhi, 21 December (NNS): Today, the prices of red chilli dandidaar fulcut gained by Rs 10 to Rs 265 per kg due to the shortage of the teza stock. The prices of red chilli have been ruling at the higher level in the markets of UP. The green red chilli prices also slipped from Rs 35/36 to Rs 26/28 per kg in the Bareilly line because of the increased arrivals, but its prices have been ruling at the higher level as compared to the previous year. The situation of the crop has been same in the Guntur line, in these circumstances, the productivity of the upcoming crop reported to be good. Apart from this, there is lack of arrival pressure of the stock in the Indore line, due to this reason, the prices of fulcut teza have increased by Rs 5/7 per kg. Its 334 no. went up by Rs 3 to Rs 260/262 per kg.

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