New Delhi, 30 March (NNS): The arrivals of red chilli manufacturers reported to be sluggish in the markets of South India, due to which, its prices have been ruling at higher level in North India. Apart from this, the export of black pepper reported to be sluggish and the prices of Indian black pepper also ruling at lower level, due to which, it is expected that export may show uptrend. As a result, the prices have been ruling at higher level in north India from Kochin. Here, the demand has also been started increasing at the lower level. On the other hand, the market also being quoted at strong level. Today, The quality of the crop seems weak from Cochin, whereas, here, its prices have been ruling at Rs 625 per kg. In contrary to this, here, it is also being quoted at Rs 600 per kg. The best quality stock has not been available less than Rs 660 per kg.

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