New Delhi, 25 April (NNS):  The prices of cumin showed downtrend during the last one week due to the sluggish selling from the stockists and the speculators, but today also, its prices reduced by Rs 2/3 per kg owing to the constant selling from the speculators in the futures market, due to this reason, today, the inferior quality stock also being traded at Rs 235/240 per kg due to the soft trend in the spot market. Apart from this, the superior quality selected stock also being quoted at Rs 300/310 per kg. The export seems sluggish from the Unjha line due to the feeble prices of cumin in the international market, in these circumstances, it is profitable to sell the stock at the current level. Now, the prices showed constant downfall because the new stock of Rajasthan is being sell at the lower level.

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