New Delhi, 13 July(NNS): There is a shortage of best quality stock of dry ginger in Sagar and Cochin line. In contrary to this, the imported stock also ruling at the higher level, due to this reason, the importers are importing only inferior quality stock. On the other hand, there is a shortage of stock because of the weak production, due to which, its prices may cross to Rs.310 per kilogram. There is also a lack of dry ginger stock in Sagar line and the stock which has been lying in storage, it is still in the strong hands. This year, there is a heavy shortage of dry ginger in the markets because it has been ruling at higher level, due to this, the demand of its raw stock seems high and this year,  inferior quality stock which has been sold out from Assam because the local stockists have already been purchasing the stock from there. Therefore, the market may likely to remain high during the coming days.

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