New Delhi, 31 July: The buying of coriander reported to be increase at the lower level during the previous week, due to which, here, its Badami prices improved by Rs.5 to Rs.86/87 per kilogram. Similarly, its eagle stock also gained by Rs.5/6 per kg. The reality is that the production of colour less stock of coriander seems Hai because of the constant rainfall during the previous days, but, the gross production does not reported to be weak, due to this reason, the trade should not be done at long uptrend. It is expected that the arrival of inferior quality stock will be high, due to which, it will not let the best quality prices to go up. It is believable that the stockists are buying of the stock constantly, due to which, the prices may increase during the current week, but, it is profitable to sell the stock at the current prices on seeing the bumper production.

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