New Delhi, 14 August(NNS): The contract market of cumin declined by Rs.20/25 per kilogram during the previous day. On the other hand, here also, its price is reduced by Rs.10/15 per kg owing to the all-round sluggish demand from the exporters and stockists along with profit, taking selling in the producing markets. At upper level, it is being sold at Rs.7 30 per kilogram in Delhi Mandi. Some famous brands are also coating the prices at Rs.740 per kilogram. Now, it is profitable to sell the staff at the current level., but the superior quality stock has not been available to anyone. The traders are selling the stock at Rs.800 per kilogram, but the trade of upper level has not been available, due to this reason, the traders are constantly selling the stock in the markets. It is expected that per hectare productivity reported to be weak from katchch and Banaskantha line, owing to the unfavourable weather conditions.

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