New Delhi, 14 September (NNS): The new stock of red chilli has been started arriving in Indore line. On the other hand, there is a heavy shortage of demand despite the weak stock in the markets of South India along with Guntur. In contrary to this, the stored stock has also been selling out constantly in the markets. The teza stock of red chilli reported to be sold at Rs 260/265 per kg due to the increased arrival pressure in Delhi NCR from the producing markets. Notably, the prices of red chilli reported to be sluggish in the markets of Kanpur, Lucknow and Indore, due to which, less amount of stock reported to be load from Warangal and Duggirala. Apart from this, less amount of inferior quality stock reported to be sold out for Jharkhand and Orissa. Therefore, the prices may not show more uptrend in the near future.

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